Finding a better way.

Linespire 3D is the result of brothers Michael and Ben seeing the struggles builders faced ordering 3D renders. Personally having worked for multiple builders and design companies, we noticed that 3D render companies never utilised the actual model work completed by the draftsmen or designers; simply starting from scratch on each order. Our initial goal was find the most efficient workflow from the basic modelling completed by the builder to the final 3D render. We developed processes for utilising Archicad, Revit and AutoCAD drafting files to save time; but this was only the tip of the iceberg.

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Michael Jones

Image of pencil and ruler

Qualified building designer with 8 years experience in the industry. Michael has worked for project builders, volume builders and building design companies.

BenĀ Jones

Image of paint palette and brush - Linespire 3D

Extensive experience will all manor of 3D modelling and visualisation. Ben is the creative mastermind handling all things artistic